Possetti Srl

Who we are

The company Possetti S.R.L. has been working since 1960 in the field of construction equipment, for construction sites, quarries and industries. Possetti S.R.L. offers you sales, assistance and rental services, so that you can have machines that are always efficient and safe for any type of work, as well as being evaluated every year according to the existing rules. All the machines are new or nearly-new, and before being delivered to the customer are carefully checked, maintained and inspectioned by specialized technicians. Thanks to the qualified staff and the modern tools of which the workshop is equipped, it is possible to intervene quickly and accurately to solve any problem, guaranteeing in this way a timely and effective assistance in case of technical inconveniences and, if necessary, the machine’s prompt replacement.


As the years passed, the rental industry got great importance, here’s a list of some of its many advantages:

It offers the possibility of coping with sudden workload spike;

It offers the possibility to choose the most suitable machine for the work to be done;

Eliminates the need of a workshop, a supply warehouse, or the management of maintenance and fixing;

Reduces fixed costs by increasing the company's flexibility;

Allows you to try a car before a possible purchase.


Possetti’s Rental fees are clear and competitive and include pure and simple rental; Moreover, for longer periods, the rental fees considerably decrease, it means that the cost of the daily, weekly or monthly rental drops as the duration of the rental increases.


All the machines conform to the CE rules, to the safety arrangements and are also equipped with a booklet of use and maintenance; They are given in the basic version or equipped with accessories.


To offer an additional service and to facilitate its customers, Possetti S.R.L., is able to deliver and to withdraw directly the rented car, at different and very convenient prices.

Since 2008, moreover, the company Possetti Logistica S.R.L. was born to meet the requirements of third party transport , crane service with operator, working both in collaboration with the company Possetti S.R.L. and independently.